My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online

       Wherever you go, it is indeed a world full with people nowadays. One thing that will never change for anyone is to shop and buy things accordingly to their needs. Yet, I really hate to make myself being in a crowded situation that have no difference as a sardine can! Oh gosh! Imagine those sweat, pushing force and suffocation (might happen) that is hard to avoid during promotional season in those famous malls. Thinking of why do I have to bear it, I start to follow the growing trend of buying online to escape from the crowd.

       There it goes my first time experience of buying online. From the process of searching, comparing prices and then selection of my first target, a designer's T-shirt; the whole process makes me feel awesome. I became overwhelming excited when I found my target, and nervous comes after when I want to make payment. Curious for the reason behind? Yeah, suppressing my doubtful feeling and of course afraid of being cheated like anyone else, I clicked the SUBMIT MY PAYMENT button.

       Starting from the day I done the online transaction, my mind was all about my anticipated goods! When shall it reach? What if I am not around? Does the postman able to find my home and so on... I waited and waited, keep on waiting like humpy dumpy with my restless mind containing all sort of stupid questions which my little brain can think of, all just because of my first and ever online shopping experience. It is hardly for me to describe how happy am I to receive the parcel from the postman. Thanks postman! Haha, its really funny to recall back this memorable kind of experience now. :-) However, my first time complicated mixture of feeling does not fail me to go for more and more online shopping, with certain precaution.

       Here's a very important tip of purchasing online --- the credibility of the seller or website. Thanks to my meticulous personality, I would only buy those products sold in trusted website, basically based on the user reviews, forum or recommendation from my friends. Everyone out there, here's a good chance for us to make a try to purchase online via Lelong.com.my this time.

Meanwhile, never allow yourselves to miss out for this coming soon large-scale E-commerce fair on 12th to 14th Aug 2011 in Mid-Valley, definitely a golden chance for you to grasp!

For more details: Click here

【p/s:I'll be back with my comments of Superbid of every wednesday in Lelong.my :-)】


jfook 说...

all the best. even though the abrupt ending. But nice entry bro!

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