A story you ought to know 你该知道的事

Everybody lives with a story to tell.
And here's the day when I met her, a young Malay mommy, married at the age of 20, mother of four children now. She's a working women currently, who once owns her husband. Yet, she was abandoned along with her child three years ago. With great disappointment and painstaking decision, she bought her case to the court.

Yes, she won the lawsuit and get her divorce with court order alimony as the judgement. However, it is only a fortune irreclaimable. While she was raising her little children in this three years, she did not gain even single penny from her irresponsible ex-husband. Though life ain't easy with a aging old mother to took care of, some medical health problems and all these disheartening scars, it never fails her to strive for her living, also for her beloved child. It is all shown through her facial expression when she speaks. Non-verbal language don't lies. She's strong!

Rather than complaining everyday on those difficulties that we faced, why don't we learn from this young mother the meaning of PERSEVERANCE ! There's far more people who are in the state no better than us. So why complain? Live your life to the fullest :-) You worth something better!






A bone 一根骨头

A bone?

If you got seen my post "An Inconvenient Love", then you should know about her.

Curiously staring at the bone (@o@) 对骨头满脸好奇的神情

Happily getting her first "bone"  :-)  感受到她开心到爆的感觉吗?

What are you looking at? Don't ever think of taking my TOOTHBRUSH away! woof* woof*
看啥?想拿我的 “牙刷” 门儿都没有!rf rf~

Yeap! No doubt! Instead of a bone, this is a dogie toothbrush. A fully edible bone-like designed which aids in plague removal while chewing, preventing plague formation that leads to gingivitis gum disease. Personal observation tells me the dog truly madly love it! It even ignored my call with its new toothbrush. Aiks aiks aiks, what a dog...

(Picture source: Pet Life)

[p/s: Like I mentioned before, you as a pet owner enjoys your pet fun session, so who should care of your pet's health? The pet itself ? ]



My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online

       Wherever you go, it is indeed a world full with people nowadays. One thing that will never change for anyone is to shop and buy things accordingly to their needs. Yet, I really hate to make myself being in a crowded situation that have no difference as a sardine can! Oh gosh! Imagine those sweat, pushing force and suffocation (might happen) that is hard to avoid during promotional season in those famous malls. Thinking of why do I have to bear it, I start to follow the growing trend of buying online to escape from the crowd.

       There it goes my first time experience of buying online. From the process of searching, comparing prices and then selection of my first target, a designer's T-shirt; the whole process makes me feel awesome. I became overwhelming excited when I found my target, and nervous comes after when I want to make payment. Curious for the reason behind? Yeah, suppressing my doubtful feeling and of course afraid of being cheated like anyone else, I clicked the SUBMIT MY PAYMENT button.

       Starting from the day I done the online transaction, my mind was all about my anticipated goods! When shall it reach? What if I am not around? Does the postman able to find my home and so on... I waited and waited, keep on waiting like humpy dumpy with my restless mind containing all sort of stupid questions which my little brain can think of, all just because of my first and ever online shopping experience. It is hardly for me to describe how happy am I to receive the parcel from the postman. Thanks postman! Haha, its really funny to recall back this memorable kind of experience now. :-) However, my first time complicated mixture of feeling does not fail me to go for more and more online shopping, with certain precaution.

       Here's a very important tip of purchasing online --- the credibility of the seller or website. Thanks to my meticulous personality, I would only buy those products sold in trusted website, basically based on the user reviews, forum or recommendation from my friends. Everyone out there, here's a good chance for us to make a try to purchase online via Lelong.com.my this time.

Meanwhile, never allow yourselves to miss out for this coming soon large-scale E-commerce fair on 12th to 14th Aug 2011 in Mid-Valley, definitely a golden chance for you to grasp!

For more details: Click here

【p/s:I'll be back with my comments of Superbid of every wednesday in Lelong.my :-)】


MRT logo design competition 2011

Hey guys, recently MRT (My Rapid Transit) organized a logo design competition thus my friend and I are taking part in it. So I really need your help to VOTE for the loge we created :-) Please kindly share it to your friend if can. TQ much~

How to vote:
2) Wait until all the logo came out. Click vote. You'll be required to login to your facebook first. Then search for the same logo as below. (at page 144 now)

3) Mmm.. when you enter the page. the logos will pop out one by one (like blinking). You'll need to wait until all logo came out for that page. Then u can scroll down, my logo should at the top of page 144 nw ^.^

Note: Important! Please be sure that VOTE number increased by another 1 and VOTE changed into VOTED. If not, please try again. :-)

4) Note: The logos' page number are arranged based on date submitted. So do search for page containing the logo submitted on 22 July, 2011

5) Every facebook account user can cast one vote only. Can you share this webpage in facebook to your other friends? Million of thanks from me~ :-)

请 click 进去 这个 link
等全部 logo 出来。。
找那个一样的 logo.
Name : KEAT @ POH
click *VOTE*, 你会被要求 login to fb
after login, check if the vote got increase by 1. if not, click VOTE again pls.
Done~  TQ very much.

If you are interested to join this competition too, do submit your logo with its rationale before 7th August 2011.
For further details, please click:
1) Terms and conditions
2) Contest info






可是,於表面上看似风光的画面背后隐藏着的危机和难堪不是能被外人所发现的。那也是为何 “家家有本难念的经” 永远错不了。与其要求拥有百分百的父母不如扪心自问自己是不是百分百的孝顺吧。既然没有完美的事,尝试接受这缺陷美不是更为圆满吗?

若希望真的能达到 “家和万事兴”, 无论大人小孩,身为子女的我们都逃不了该尽自己的责任,规劝、扶持家里的成员。共勉之吖。



An Inconvenient LOVE 不方便的爱


“Ah Gal 要养狗吗?我们这里有一只”



A simple conversation between my relative and my mum introduced a new life into my home. It is all because of my sister's intention to rear a dog...woof woof !
However, the only thought I have is all about the RESPONSIBILITY..

Rearing a pet is not as simple as to feed it and lock it in the cage. For certain you can't just play it and leave it like your pokemon and digimon as you intended to do what!
From the food, cleanliness range to its mental health, like it or not, it is all the RESPONSIBILITY that an owner supposed to bear with since the day you take it back to your home.

我只有个想法:“ 宠物=责任 ”
拥有自己的宠物不仅要当他的保爸,照顾好他的起居饮食, 卫生健康,又要当起训练师,训练好他的品行,还要兼顾心灵辅导师留意宠物的身心发展(动物也会有忧郁症的ok!)只有那些没耐性没良心的才会把宠物丢一旁,喜欢时就把玩一下,其余的时间留它自生自灭。


上课都已占了妹妹大多数的时间,和狗狗相处的时间自然少之又少。反而多受罪的自然就是妈妈啦,在忙家务都喘不过气来的当儿还要照料这只小生命。无奈呀~ 幸好这狗狗也还算灵精,只要在笼子里都不会乱乱排放米田共。唯有傍晚放出来自由时间才会大解,而我也只好替它把关咯。

This explained why I dislike to owns a pet. How ridiculous for me to get a pet while I myself not even able to claim I managed myself pretty well ?
Things never goes as planned, just as we realize my sister would not able to take care wholly on the doggy itself. She has her school session to go for, here's arise the problem where my mum and I have to take care the little doggy..aiks aiks aiks..



Luckily the doggy was quite brilliant, it NEVER poo in the cage and it like to bath. I need not to take care it much. Haha. Dog also can be some sort of independent,right ? LOL.
Keeping a dog in its cage is quite awful experience to any dog, but that's the only solution for housing areas dweller to be resorted. Whenever it comes to routine evening walk, the dog will become so agitate to jump inside the cage. (like it just taken morphine -.- so crazy)
Well, I opened the cage and this RON97 pumped doggy burst into its own energetic laps, keeps on running like hell, here and there until it collapsed. Mmm...no doubt this is the most anticipated moment for the dog in everyday!


Yah, since it was just new, there are lots more for it to learn to adapt to our family lifestyle. Not so only, I think my sister has to start to learn on what kind of responsibility she have for the new life intruder. ^.^



[P/S: A pet have their right for better treatment. Says if you are protecting the animal by keeping its' whole life in the cage from human's perspective, then how about the doggy's point of view?]


真虚名?假驰名? Truely famous?

夜幕垂帘在巴生的上空,带着刚High完 Paramotoring 虚脱的身躯来到了这一个景点。
Arrival of the night urge the exhausted three guys to reach Klang, right after the excitement of Paramotoring from Pulau Indah.

Well, this is the view right in front of the super famous Klang Ba-Kut-Teh (under the KTM Klang bridge),a hotspot to be claimed by most of the gourmand. And that's the only reason for us to be there~

Tempting but sry, *NON-HALAL*


另外,我发现大部分巴生肉骨茶皆有一个共同的特色,商家喜欢在汤里勾上厚芡,是为了增加浓郁味还是食客都喜欢这类粘稠的质感?个人喜爱肉骨茶,但锅里这一味绝对不是我的偏好,终觉得勾芡会破坏汤头原本该有的鲜味。巴生肉骨茶 (桥底) 这家汤底的味道适中,不能说不好吃却也没法说特好吃。评两个字:“中庸”的味道。

I noticed most of the Ba-Kut-Teh in Klang share a common feature where the soup base was often thickened with cornstarch. For any reason they may claim, but it does not appeal to my taste bud. Personally think that OVERDOSE of cornstarch would surely interfere the original herbal taste of Ba-Kut-Teh and cancelled my support for the shop forever (not referring to this shop). Anyway, this shop also do offer thickened soup base which I think is MODERATE to my taste. Neither compliment for delicious nor disgusting, just so-so for me.
Yet, I would recommend their fried onion rice!


Here's the lesson of the day, regardless how famous the eateries to be, TRY IT YOURSELVES is never a mistake to make before providing any comments.


When I'm Bored 当我无聊时


# 无论生活再多难关,乐观的态度都能给于生命喜悦和快乐的泉源 #
# Optimist extract joy and happiness even during hardship circumstances #


Dare or Not : Sky-Venture

Well, I dare to go up high but that does not mean I am not hypsiphobia type (fear of height). Yet, I just spent my saturday for this awesome first time challenge - Paramotoring oh yeah! Thanks to AirVenture in collaboration with Groupon for the promotion ^.^

Here's the machinery for us to fly high, 2-seated with a big fan at the back (huh?)
The flying site is located at Pulau Indah, somewhere that I never heard about. It is just nearby Pelabuhan Klang (as told by Google). Along with two cool dudes and GPS which I depend much on it, here we go! 
Pulau Indah is a super remote area, with only those industries and for certain lack of facilities. The only marking for the site is a tree, quite difficult to find actually. What else left is grass, plainly grassland. (I wonder where had the cows gone?)

With limitation of 20pax per day, 2pm-7pm is their training time. (Oh gosh, it is super hot!) We start-off with our ground training by experienced and dedicated staff.

Step 1: Inflate the parachute.

Step 2: Run like hell! Do I look like chicken little? :-P That parachute is super heavy, especially when I tried to fight with the wind. (My muscle is aching nw..)

Step 3: Trying to Fly !

Surprise always there in life! Even in these remote area! My eyes was so big when the ice-cream seller driving towards us. But sorry pak cik, I dislike ice-cream...

After completion of all the tiring ground training, we all are ready for the sky venture! 
3-2-1 GO~

Holding my breath, the paramotor set off..
YES! I am flying!!! As high as more than 300m~ and it can goes as high as 3000m

Can you spot the car?

For safety reason, only legs allowed in this picture :-P

Upon request, the instructor also allow us to take over and control the parachute by ourselves after departure. 

" Being a first timer for paramotoring, it was indeed a fantastic experience to fly using such limited apparatus ^o^ While getting rid of my adrenaline rush and motion sickness, spectacular view joy of controlling parachute, making stunt and conquer the sky will surely an addicted, unforgettable memory to be said "

~ I Paramotoring ~

More information pls refer: Air Venture
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